Standards Clubs

Standards Clubs

Students are the future and form the foundation on which a strong, vibrant and dynamic nation is built. The values children are exposed to in their formative years get inculcated in their young minds and serve as a force multiplier that has the capacity to transform the future of a nation. Quality consciousness, based on standardization, is one of the pillars of accelerated economic development and priming students to appreciate the significance of quality, standards and standardization can serve as a catalyst to improve societal awareness on these subjects. BIS has taken the initiative of creating standards clubs in educational institutions comprising teachers and students as members. Though a variety of activities under these clubs, young talents get learning opportunities in the field of quality and standardization. Teachers have an important role in the activities of the clubs and would serve as beacons of light, guiding and motivating students to channelize their creativity and enhance their scientific temperament. Though in its nascent stage, the standards clubs have already garnered prominence and are being enthusiastically promoted by educational institutions to supplement and improve the schooling experience of students and provide opportunities to better their professional and personal growth.

Activites Under the standards Club

1. The standards club may carry out a variety of student centric activities aimed at providing them opportunities for learning on the themes of quality and standardization. Such activities may be undertaken within the Institution or outside as stand alone programmes or as part of other programmes of the Institutions such as Annual Day School Fair, Exhibitions, Teachers’ Day, etc..

2. Awareness programmes – seminars and workshops on Quality and standards related subjects and their role in the upliftment of quality of life and economic development.

3. Competitions such as Quiz, Essay writing, Debate etc.. On Quality and standards ecosystem.

4. Competition on writing standards.