Best Practice

Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science

 Nallampalli, Dharmapuri

Recognized with UGC 2F and 12B

Accredited with A Grade by NAAC


Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science observes that women empowerment through skill base knowledge and Discipline, Safety, and Protection on the Campus as its best practices to support its motto ‘Discipline, Courage, and Excellence’.

Women empowerment through skill-based knowledge is practiced by providing industrial collaboration through industrial visits and Internship programs to support experiential learning. This practice encourages the students to go for higher education and research practice and also this gives students access to a variety of practicum possibilities and supports them in achieving their career goals by assisting them in finding the appropriate employer for them personally.

A student’s life on campus is mainly focused on maintaining discipline and safety.  The management never tolerates indiscipline and the college is famous for discipline and safety. Students come from various backgrounds such as religious, linguistic, and communal socio-economic strata. So tolerance and safety towards each other are important on the campus so that they return as sensible humans to society. The present society is very unsafe for women, due to more Sexual harassment, and Crimes by Extensive usage of Mobile and Social media. To uphold Discipline, Safety, and Protection on campus, the management has a uniform dress code, no mobiles, different types of ID for dayscholler and transport users, no visitors can access the campus without out gate pass, no students can be accessed without a visitors pass and ID, regular SMS and WhatsApp alert to parents regarding absenteeism and academic progress.